Artist Statement

As one might gaze into the clouds and perceive forms and objects, I begin to work without preconceptions. I do this by laying down multiple layers of color and movement that will eventually grow into recognizable and newly associated scenes or subjects or “scapes.”

Color plays only one role in these scapes of the mind and soul adding energy and electricity to an already compelling thought or sensation. Compositions are delicately balanced so that all parts may play an equal role in the finished work.

My paintings are not meant to portray a particular place or time, but rather to set the stage for an unfolding drama of the deep imagination.


Evan Jon Obrentz

Born: New York City, 1956

Drawing by age 6. Painting by age 10.


Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
M.A.  (1983) Master of Arts in Fine Art – Education
B.F.A  (1977) Bachelor of Fine Art



Corporate Collections:

Price Waterhouse, Inc.
Marriot Corporation
Richard Saunders International
Eureka Ranch
Le Parc Condominium, Naples, FL
Nova University
Dr. Artine Artinian, Palm Beach, FL
Oceana Complex, Miami, FL

Private Collections

throughout the US, Canada, England, Israel, France, Germany, and Switzerland