Nature Forms

All paintings are acrylic on canvas with image painted around 1.5″ edge
* Dedicated to the graduation of my mother to the other side on Sept 1, 2011.

** “The Eternal Nature of the Environment” is a timeless tribute to the nature of the Earth. The Hand of God gives life to Adam, and from that moment on, entrusts us all with stewardship of The Earth and the beauty of its environment. The darker area below Adam’s hand represents the exchange of life energy between humankind and nature. Both from Adam as a representative of us and back from Nature to feed our existence. The reflecting pool is where one would stop to admire our landscape and remind us of the symmetry that eternally defines it. The birds represent the free nature of the environment – the air- as one bird carries an olive branch claiming its peaceful right to exist in harmony with the world. An image of an antique tapestry hangs behind the modern interpretation of this nature-scape to remind us that homage has been paid to the land and it’s beauty by so many since time began. With due respect to Michaelangelo.